Aluminum Radiators Near Milwaukee

Trying to locate aluminum radiators near Milwaukee? Look no further than Rex Radiator for your radiator repairs and replacements. With our excellent customer service and fast turnaround times, Rex Radiator is the shop to turn to.

Our radiator services include having an array of radiators stocked at all times. We offer the most common of radiators as well as some rare and unique radiators for:

  • Cars and trucks
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Construction equipment
  • Power generators

Having fully stocked warehouses with radiators is not all our shop provides. WRex Radiator is a full service station providing replacements, recoring, and maintenance services when it comes to making sure your radiator is working properly.

Location! Location! Location!

With a multitude of options backed by a well-trained staff, finding aluminum radiators near Milwaukee has never been easier than with Rex Radiator. With seven locations, Rex Radiator covers Southern Wisconsin, as well as the Chicagoland area, Peoria, and Northwest IN.

Not only do we offer multiple locations, but our services include same day delivery on most parts, affordable repairs, and ongoing discounts, including regular coupons for additional money off your parts purchase.

Contact us now!

When it comes to replacing and repairing parts we know it can be a hassle, but finding aluminum radiators near Milwaukee can be quick and easy when you trust Rex Radiator’s expert technicians! Let the staff at Rex Radiator make the process easy. Contact us today at 630-230-8958 !