Discount Radiators by Janesville

Customers looking for discount radiators by Janesville need to look no further than Rex Radiator for all their radiator needs. With over one hundred years of service in the auto industry we know our customers deserve the best service–and we provide it. Our low costs and highly stocked radiator warehouses are just an added bonus of our best in class service.

We have top of the line new radiators at affordable prices for the Chicagoland area, also extending to Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. Visit one of our locations today and use our coupon to get added savings on our low priced radiators  or other automotive parts!

We have an array of parts

Not only does Rex Radiator offer radiators, but we have an extensive amount of other parts for cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. Some of our most popular parts aside from radiators are condensers and charge air coolers for both cars and trucks.

When it comes to charge air coolers, Rex Radiator can rebuild, provide new, or even customize for equipment such as generators or industrial equipment. Our service members can provide precise and fast repairs when it comes to condensers–we know quick turnaround times are important to our customers.

Come to Rex Radiator today!

If you are looking for affordability and reliability, then Rex Radiator is your place for discount radiators by Janesville. With our quick delivery on parts and multiple locations, Rex Radiator is sure to offer the best of help and service for all your automotive needs. Contact us today at 630-230-8958 to get the low cost parts you need!