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egr-image1Use Rex Radiator EGR/DPF cleaning and repair for big savings!
Exhaust gas recirculation coolers (EGR coolers) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF filters) are critical components for engine emission control. DPF Filters remove micro particles in the exhaust due to incomplete burning of diesel fuel and EGR coolers cool the exhaust which is being recirculated into the cylinders.

Replacement of these parts is extremely expensive.Regular maintenance for these parts is required to ensure proper engine operation and emission compliance. DPF filters generally need to be maintained every 6 to 12 months.

Rex Radiator provides a cleaning and repair service for EGR Coolers and DPF filters which is environmentally sound and at a great cost savings to equipment dealers. Our clean and repair service will save you time and money.

At Rex Radiator we pride ourselves on being able to resolve your needs on equipment maintenance and parts. Our 105 years of experience in cooling solutions, expert knowledge, and repair advice is available to get your repair done quickly and cheaply.

Untitled-5Here are just some reasons to choose our charge air cooler repair service:

  • Our technicians are experienced with cleaning and repair of EGR coolers and DPF filters
  • Rex offers this and other repair services across Chicago, northern Illinois, and southern Wisconsin
  • We can clean, repair, and return with 24 hours
  • You can be confident that your repair will be done in an environmentally safe manner
  • Our repair service will save you time and greatly reduce the cost

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