Forklift Radiator near Rockford

At Rex Radiator you can depend on top notch service for all your radiator needs, including heavy duty equipment. You can locate your forklift radiator near Rockford at Rex Radiator today. Our shop offers the most extensive range of forklift radiators to provide our customers with the best options.

Equipment downtime can cause frustrations in the workplace. Rex Radiator provides the best services at unbeatable prices to get your forklift running properly and as soon as possible. We offer the following options to our customers to help find a solution to their forklift problems:

  • a large inventory of new radiators;
  • ability to rebuild/replace with a new core; and
  • ability to rebuild to OEM specifications.

Need other services?

Rex Radiator has been in the industry for over 100 years and provides the best solutions for cooling and heating problems. While you may be looking for a forklift radiator near Rockford, keep Rex Radiator in mind for other services, such as charge air cooler repair or fuel tank repair.

Don’t waste time and money with broken equipment! Our highly trained technicians can provide the necessary repairs and locate the parts needed to fix your heavy duty equipment. Our services are available at our seven locations across the Chicagoland area, servicing Southern, WI and Northwestern, IN. Contact us now!

Reach out to the staff at Rex Radiator by contacting us at 630-230-8948. Let us help you get that forklift radiator near Rockford back to its peak performance!