New Radiator Cost by Rockford

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For over 100 years Rex Radiator has been a supplier of premium aftermarket parts for radiators and more. We specialize in the areas of heating, cooling, and fuel delivery. Our focus is on automotive, heavy duty, and stationary generators, as well as agricultural equipment.

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With Rex Radiator trying to save new radiator cost by Rockford can be easy! While getting a new part may seem the best route, we also offer radiator recoring, which is an inexpensive way of prolonging the life of your existing radiator by replacing just the core.

If you are set on a new radiator, however, Rex Radiator can provide the most cost efficient options from our warehouses. Most of our parts are in stock and delivered same day to save our customers on downtime. At Rex Radiator we know that saving you on equipment downtime is also saving you on money! On top of these cost efficient options, Rex Radiator offers a coupon for additional savings!

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