Oil Coolers

If you are looking for big savings on oil coolers, look no further than Rex Radiator! We have a wide range of products for all your oil cooler needs at affordable prices to save you time and money on repairs or rebuilds.

We cover a variety of Oil Cooler repairs and rebuilds at Rex Radiator, including:

  •         Hydraulic oil coolers
  •         Engine oil coolers
  •         Transmission oil coolers

Rex knows Oil Coolers!

We have a well trained staff and have been in the automotive industry for over 100 years. Our staff know their oil coolers and can help customers with a variety of parts and products for all oil cooler units, whether they be made of aluminum, copper brass, or even the older models that are sometimes made of steel.

Our shop offers premier aftermarket parts not only for oil coolers, but also for many automotive, trucks, and industrial related parts. We service a number of auto body shops, as well as do-it-yourselfers, who are all looking for both quality and affordability. Let our history of expertise and experience guide you in choosing the necessary parts for your job!

Convenient Locations

Visit your local Rex Radiator at a number of locations in the Midwest, including IL, IN, and WI. We offer all parts, from the very common to the incredibly rare to find. Use our coupon to receive an additional discount on our already affordable prices! Contact us today at 630-230-8948 for your oil coolers and other parts needs!