Power Generator Repair

Power Generator Radiator RepairRepair of Generator Cooling Systems for Chicago, northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana

Generator cooling system repair service is a vital service for our industry. Backup power generation is vital for secure operation of in a wide variety of settings from residential homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, data centers, telecommunications equipment centers, store refrigeration, and more.

Trust the experts at Rex Radiator for power generator repair.

Rex Radiator is your trusted source for backup generator cooling system repairs. Whether it be a small Generac unit at your private home or a large 3412 CAT (8) section unit, we have the ability to replace and/or repair as needed. We have the experience and expertise with cooling systems to assure a quality and dependable repair.
We know that most often the repair time for generator cooling is a vital priority for our clients, and our knowledge and resources will allow us to meet your need to timely repair.

Older, obsolete generator units are not a problem for Rex Radiator

Radiators for older or obsolete units may no longer be available through the manufacturer. At Rex Radiator these radiators can be custom made rapidly and built to equivalent OEM standards.

Whether we need to go to the site of the generator unit or repair the unit at one of our locations, speed of power generator repair is always our utmost concern.