Radiator Repair Cost by Rockford

Customers get the best in radiator repair cost by Rockford when they choose the services of Rex Radiator. For over 100 years the staff at Rex Radiator has been serving the Chicagoland area, extending our services into Indiana and Wisconsin as well. The technicians at Rex Radiator have been trained extensively in all things radiator related, giving them the edge in the industry to provide quality service at an affordable price.

At Rex Radiator, we offer money saving options for all of our customers. The cost of replacing a radiator can be minimized by simple solutions that we can offer, such as same day delivery on most parts, salvaging parts if possible, and a fully stocked warehouse of aftermarket radiators. Time is money, so saving time in the location and delivery of your part can save you a bundle at Rex Radiator!  

Choose Recoring

Rex Radiator offers an alternative solution to repairs. While our radiator repair cost by Rockford is unbeatable, you can save a bundle by choosing radiator recoring as an option. Our technicians can replace the core but save the adjacent parts, which in turn saves our customers the time and money of installing a brand new radiator.

Come to one of our service locations for radiator recoring today, and save even more on your repair costs!

Rex Radiator for your repairs!

When you choose the services of Rex Radiator, you are choosing quality service and affordable radiator repair cost by Rockford. Contact us today at 630-230-8948 and take advantage of our current coupons today!