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Professional Auto Radiator Repair Specialists; Repairs, Re-Cores, Welding, and Fabrication. 


Few things can be as frustrating as car problems and at Rex Radiator we understand this.  When parts are the problem, Rex Radiator is here to help.  We take pride in getting your vehicle back on the road with fast and reliable service.  With seven locations and over 100 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, and refurbishing heating and cooling parts, we are the people to call to get the job done right.

Established in 1909 by William Rex, our roots lie in truck radiator repairs and although more than 100 years have passed, we haven’t forgotten that.  Over the years, when it comes to heating and cooling, we have seen it all, and that on hand experience has been passed down from generation to generation.    These values, work ethic, specialization, and decades of experience have resulted in the oldest family owned company in the industry today.  We want to share this with you, our customer, and get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Call us today if you are experiencing any of these problems: 

  • Over Heating
  • Running Hot
  • Not Getting Cold/Hot Air
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Or anything else that you suspect may be linked to your vehicles heating, cooling, or fuel delivery system

Contact us at the locations and phone numbers at right, or stop in and see us at any of our seven locations.  Our parts and repair professionals would be happy to diagnose and provide you with a personalized solution to your vehicle’s problem today.

For your convenience, we have seven locations in Illinois to keep your vehicle where it belongs; on the road.

Why Choose Rex Radiator For Your Auto Radiator Repair?

Heating, Cooling, and Fuel Delivery problems can strike at any time, and for many reasons.  When they do, you need a dependable and knowledgeable team who can get the problem rectified as quickly as possible.  At Rex Radiator, that is exactly what you can expect.

We are proud of the reputation we have built and it shows in everything we do!  From a simple pinhole leak in an AC line to completely overhauling the radiator in a 1942 Bentley, no job is too small or too obscure.

Fuel tanks, modifications, repairs, and much, much more; don’t be fooled by the name, we do a lot more than just Radiators.  Rex Radiator is truly your one stop shop!

Call or visit us at any of our seven locations.

Call Us Today! Location and Phones listed at right.  Service locations across Chicago and Peoria, IL.

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