Radiator Shop

Rex Radiator is a premier radiator shop servicing the Chicagoland and surrounding areas, including Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Rex Radiator is backed by years of experience as the shop opened in 1909 and is a reliable source for all things cooling, air conditioning, and fuel delivery parts. Our radiator shop specializes in equipment including everything from automobile and truck fleet to RVs, boats, and agricultural equipment. Just read all about us and how Rex Radiator got started, and you won’t be disappointed in the years of experience and knowledge we hold in this field.

We Have Outstanding Services!

Whether our customers are in need of auto parts or something a little more obscure such as forklift and agricultural parts, Rex Radiator is the radiator shop to contact for those needs.  Our inventory is always kept stocked and a great prices so that our customers know they are getting the best available parts at the most affordable rates.

Not only does Rex Radiator offer all of this, but we also offer parts delivery and repair services to the Chicago area, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin. Just contact or visit any of our various locations for your parts needs today!

Why Rex Radiator?

Why not? But if you need more convincing, you need look no further. Here at Rex Radiator, our radiator shop offers same day delivery on most parts. This is convenient to most of our customers, who are predominantly auto and truck repair shops who need parts quickly for their respective customers.

We also offer discounts for our customers, so come on in today and bring your coupon for $5 off your $50 parts purchase today! Let our years of experience and expertise guide you in your automotive needs. Give us a call at 630-230-8948 for further information on our services, parts, and repairs.