Radiators near Milwaukee

When you are looking for radiators near Milwaukee, choose Rex Radiator as your number one choice for radiator replacement and repair. We provide the best when it comes to inventory and service for your automotive needs, and we have a surplus of radiators in stock at all times in our warehouses. With Rex Radiator being a lead supplier of the highest quality radiators in the Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin areas, we know you will find what you need with us.

We offer radiator recoring, too!

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to replacing your radiators near Milwaukee? Rex Radiator not only provides new radiators, but also recoring. Our highly trained technicians can create a long lasting system by recoring the radiator using the existing brackets and tanks. Our recoring and repair services extend from Chicago to Northern Illinois, Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin, so you can be sure that our shop is the place to go for radiators near Milwaukee.

Let Rex Radiator help you!

When you choose Rex Radiator you choose a company devoted to its customers. Our business has been radiators for over 100 years, and we provide top notch customer service to be sure you receive the best, whether you are looking for part replacement or repairs. Use our current coupon to save money on your visit to Rex Radiator. Contact us today at 630-230-8958 and find out about our radiators near Milwaukee!