DPF Cleaning With the Latest Equipment at Rex Radiator

Enviromotive EB-9001 DPF Blast Cabinet 350A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) requires regular cleaning and maintenance for effective emissions control and engine operation. At Rex Radiator we have the latest in DPF cleaning equipment to provide you with a quality cleaning and inspection with quick repair time using the Enviromotive Evacublastâ„¢ DPF Cleaning System.

Each DPF is manually cleaned by one of our technicians in the EB-9001 Blast Cabinet. As opposed to automated units, this allows for each DPF to receive the best inspection and cleaning possible, and provide you with the most thoroughly cleaned filter possible.

Once cleaned each DPF is baked to the manufacturer’s specifications using the EB-9002 Regeneration Oven.

In addition to cleaning and baking, we also use the EB-9003 Soot Scale to weigh each DFP before and after cleaning to determine how much contamination is removed during the cleaning process.

The EB-9004 DFP Inspection/Flow System is used to test for cracks, damages, clogs, and pressure/flow before and after the cleaning and baking process.

To view the process visit this video.

For quality and environmentally secure DPF cleaning contact Rex Radiator today at (630) 230-8958.

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