Truck Radiator Repair by Janesville

Get exceptional truck radiator repair by Janesville by choosing  Rex Radiator, a family-owned business that has been up and running for over a century. Originally established with a specialty in truck radiator repair, today Rex Radiator has expanded its knowledge and is the premier parts supplier and repair shop in the Midwest. Our expertise extends from automobiles and trucks to agricultural equipment, boats, and RVs. Whether you need a part replacement, welding, recoring, or repair services, Rex Radiator is the place to go.

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While Rex Radiator is the top choice for truck radiator repair by Janesville, we also provide our customers with a vast amount of in-stock aftermarket parts. Some of the most popular parts are in the areas of:

  • radiators,
  • condensers,
  • air conditioning parts, and
  • fuel tank/delivery.

All of these parts and more can be found at one of our various Rex Radiator locations from the Chicagoland area to Southern WI, Northwest IN, and Peoria. Most parts are same day delivery if they are in stock, or our staff will quickly locate and arrange for delivery of a part that is not in our warehouse.

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Check out our latest coupons for radiator services, and have that truck radiator repair by Janesville completed by the friendly staff members of Rex Radiator! Contact us now at 630-230-8958 for more information on your truck repair needs.