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Truck Radiator RepairRex Radiator offers radiator repair services for truck radiators, which are much more affordable alternatives to completely replacing a costly radiator. Our skilled technicians are experts at radiator repairs and will have yours repaired quickly.

Our Truck Radiator Repair Service

If there’s a crack in the radiator, we’ll weld it. If there’s a hole, we’ll patch it. We have over 100 years of experience in truck radiator repair, and we know exactly how to fix even the most complex problems. If necessary, we can even fabricate certain items. That’s a service that’s hard to come by, but it’s common at Rex Radiator.

If a radiator is unfortunately beyond repair, Rex Radiator stocks radiators that are ready for immediate installation. We have two warehouses and five service locations throughout the Chicagoland area that are completely stocked with parts, including radiators for most truck models. If a part needs to be ordered, we will do so immediately and arrange for it to be shipped directly to you.

Choose Experience and Excellence for Truck Radiator Repairs

Rex Radiator has over 100 years of experience repairing radiators for large trucks of all makes and models. Our experience is unparalleled in the area, and independent auto repair shops have trusted and relied on us for decades for all their repair needs because of our expansive knowledge and skills.

Additionally, choosing us for radiator repairs offers the following benefits:

  • Quick turnaround times—we know exactly how to fix your radiator, which means we can do it efficiently.
  • Affordability—our services are competitively priced to fit tight budgets.
  • Convenience—we have seven locations throughout the Chicagoland area that are convenient for mechanics in the area as well as Central Illinois, Northwest Indiana (including Gary, IN), and Southern Wisconsin.

Call for a Radiator Repair Today

Give us a call at (630) 230-8958 or email us at to speak to an expert about your repair needs. You’ll find that we’re among the most knowledgeable and experienced truck radiator repair businesses on the market, and we’re happy to help!